Juries are notoriously unpredictable.  Whether on the plaintiff or defense side of the case, our focus group sessions through the Legal Focus Group platform deliver unparalleled insight into the merits of your arguments and value of your case.

We set out to make focus grouping a case convenient, effective, and affordable. Legal Focus Group’s process provides valuable insights to our clients by giving access to jurisdiction specific participant pools, data on group participants, and a recording of the session which can be leveraged from case selection, mediation, and through jury selection and arguments.

We make focus grouping a case convenient, effective, and affordable.

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Wouldn’t it be helpful to have the input of real-life potential jurors from your jury pool that can be turned into sound bites voicing support for your argument or assigning a value to the case consistent with your reasoning? Or conversely, wouldn’t it be useful to know if you are dealing with a bad case that should be settled before investing significant time and resources?

Once you have seen the value-add benefits of our quantitative and qualitative data at the negotiating table and in the courtroom, we are confident you will identify more opportunities to incorporate Legal Focus Group services into your practice.

Our services are applicable to all major areas of law, and we offer low introductory rates for first time customers.

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